• Full Property Refurbishment

      Full Property Refurbishment

      Whether your planning to let, sell or stay, refurbishing a property can be an excellent investment.

    • Extensions


      Why move when you can improve and extend ? There are lots of reasons to extend, whether you want to create more space, add value to your home or just love the place in which you live and want to maximise it’s potential.

    • Swimming pool and poolhouses

      Swimming pool and poolhouses

      If space permits a swimming pool and pool house can do nothing but add to the enjoyment of your home and enhance its value.

    • Spas


      Home Spas are becoming increasingly popular. Hamams, Jacuzzis and Saunas are not only found today in the higher end properties. With careful planning and design unused basements and other areas can be transformed into fantastic wellness areas.

    • Underground parking

      Underground parking

      As available land becomes scarcer underground parking becomes more and more appealing. Not only does underground parking utilize space efficently it also adds protection for valuable luxury vehicles. 

    • Panic room

      Panic room

      Nothing provides better peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones than a Safe Room in your home.

    • Landscaping


      The first impression of a home often comes from the grounds within which it is set. Investment in the grounds of your home will never be regreted especially with the Mediterranean climate allowing year round use.

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